Thursday, October 02, 2008

Purpose of concept art

The purpose of the concept art is to save money and plan out the production at low cost. So, what is the point of spending a few K on fancy computer equipments to do the same thing that can be done with less than a few bucks?(pencil and paper) Even including a decent scanner and a dozen cups of good coffee, it would not even come close in cost. It just does not makes sense to spend more to save money, not to me anyway.

Anyway, here is a quick sketch done in Photoshop.(As you can see, it would be much cheaper doing it with pencil on paper instead.)


Arnie said...

post up more of it on you blog. the face is nicely designed.

Main Loop said...

Ummm lots of reasons actually. The biggest reason is to be able to do concepts in 3d, with sketchup or something. Another big one is being able to paint over screenshots of the models, something I do a lot at work. Being able to mix together all parts of the porduction into the idea stage is a huge advantage for the overall project.

Le_fish said...

Arnie - Will try to put more, instead of my regular "here is the nude for this week." *smile*

Loop - Ha ha, I know. Just went on a rampage about the digital tool. I guess my main issue is when people put convenience over the quality of the work in a non-production environment.(In production, do what ever it takes to get the job done.) Got to have the real chops to last in this game. *smile*

So, are you guys the blogger duo or something?(From the reply in the previous post and now this one.) *smile*