Saturday, April 26, 2008

Digital junk...

Been doing these quick comp for a while now. Just looking for a comfortable way to work digitally. Basically trying to use as little "auto-pilot" as possible while taking advantage of the digital medium.(I know those are two contradicting idea...) It is basically an one hour quick study with Photoshop. Just another medium on the list of skills to keep up...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Recent studies

I am almost through with the pack of ugly Strathmore colored paper. I have no clue why I bought it. Have to pay respect to those trees who donated their life for art. In any case here we go...(All of these were done in under 2 hours, with breaks in between.)

Finally back to my normal color palette. Feels good to be using familiar paints and just focus on painting.

This one was done using some cheap watercolor set I found on the floor, with the exception of my white gouache.

We had a no show and a friend of one of the regular agree to pose for us.(Yes, naked. What are the odds?) After a few minutes, her knee hurts and had to change th pose. This is the under drawing of the unfinished painting.

The painting was just an excuse to put the highlight on the hair.

Just decided to work on the face a little more for a change. It just happened to be lit by multiple lights, contrbuting to the headache...

The model has a really good muscle structure and kind of a Egyptian looking face. For some reason, I end up focusing on the deltoid.(No pun intended...)Yes, he is blue. This is the second last piece of bright yellow paper in the pack. One more to go.