Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fashion stuff

It is about time to start putting fashion stuff up. To the power of contour lines! Gouache with my new $8.00 watercolor brush. The new brush is a treat compare to my crappy 9 year old synthetic brush. However, the hair is starting to fall off as I push the brush around like a cheap labor with water bucket...(The nice Series 7 brush is still sealed in a air tight box somewhere in my brush box. Can't get myself to torture a brush that cost as much as 2 month worth of Walgreen cookie.)


Anh Lu said...

These are very nice Jim!

You're good with inking. =)

Le_fish said...

Thanks for the kind word. It is not inking actually, just straight painting with gouache and watercolor with my new brush.(wish I know how to ink pencil lines.) Unfortunately the tip of the brush already has a small bent.(I have no idea how it happened. I was so protective of that brush...)