Monday, May 17, 2010

Another attempt in b/w

Another day of "not so colorful" life. Still haven't got used to the slight violet tint on this particular brand of acrylic.(it is local brand Kroma Acrylic, which felt kind like buying local food.) I end up spending lots of time adjusting the "bush", aka the head, so that it implies the head within its mass. Maybe it would be a good exercise to paint the Muppets before attempting to approach the head from this angle...

The surface is a bit rougher in texture, but otherwise all the same material as before.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where are the colors?

Well, they didn't want to go out and decided to surf the web while I go paint with b/w. Colors are very emotional you know... *smile*

I love a lot of old illustration. Many of them were done in black, white, and one other color. It has to due with the limited printing technology and also the cost of the printing as well.(colors are expensive, especially when print in large quantity) The result is often great control of value with strong design.(when they work, of course)

Just though I should give it a go, since I often use charcoal for value studies instead. The pieces was acrylic on Gessoed fire wood.