Monday, September 29, 2008

More painting with dull colors.

Hum... not sure what happened. It is not like they discontinue Cads or Manganese Blue. Some one just came by one day and took all the bright color away... Or maybe it's the Canadian food.(I am sure there are some that would agree to that. *smile*) Anyway, just figure studies from workshop.(acrylic on Sketchbook.) Nowadays, I get about 3~4 poses(20 minutes) tops. Most of the time, I would be running around the studio dealing with something. I am so glad that I hung out with the Craigzzz and his quick study while I had the chance. Definitely the best painting class ever.


Megan Wolfe said...

Is it terrible for me to say, I'm glad your bright colors went missing for a day or two? :D I really like the last painting, the face is tight, and the textured brushstrokes in the back work well with the rest of the piece.

And the color's perfect.

I think the only thing that would finish it off is something underneath her.. even just a couple of brushstrokes, so it stays sketchy. :)

Still my favorite of the bunch though. :D She's pritty!

Le_fish said...

How dare you, bird lady. *laughing* Thanks for the kind words. I think it was a combination of things that pushed me towards that direction.(Looking at old paintings, trying new mediums, and focusing on form more.) The only thing with the muddy color was that it just felt too "safe" as every color would automatically unify with the other.(All of them contains all the colors.)

She is a wonderful model that can hold very still. Now I just need to find a book with fancy furniture to fit her into an environment.

Arnie said...

nice paintings. good to see acrylics again.

Main Loop said...

Nice one, that last one.

Le_fish said...

For some reason, most people like the stuff more when I use dull colors. Of course, Kazu would always be on the opposite end yelling "More color!". And I will be squeezing Cads like I am a billionaire and hurting people eyes again.

ushio18 said...

these turned out great!