Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back in business

Finally received a new tablet in an unnecessarily large box, the last component of my computer, and got it up and working properly. Although I am not a big fan of the slick surface of the Wacom, unlimited supply of paper and paint is very hard to resist. Did this sketch to get a feel of the pen and the new size.(about an hour) Just some flying object flying toward factory/lab type structure. The goal was to develop everything else, so I can put the glowing flame thing at the exhaust.


samantha said...

that is a really cool design. You should finish it and use it for your portfolio :)

Le_fish said...

Sammy- Thanks to the kind words. After leaving the piece for a while, I notice the space ship can be sitting on that piece of rock under it and "pretend" to fly. It would probably cost 25 cents to ride for a few minutes.

Main Loop said...

tape a piece of paper onto the tablet