Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boxing day sketches

For the uninitiated, Boxing day in Canada is the day after Christmas, where every store would offer special discount and/or door prices with ridiculously low price tag. Every year, there would be army of shoppers battling it out for some bargain in hoping to save a few bucks. This year is no exception.(and so is my annual event in sketching the feeding frenzy)

 Some tired shoppers resting on the bench in front fake plants, while at the same time discussing the next move in the plan of attack.

A couple of teenage girls seated on the floor after a round at Old Navy. Not sure why all the husbands and boyfriends need to be standing when it is much more comfortable sitting down. It seems to be happening everywhere I go.

Once a gift wrap station for Christmas gifts, now turned into "high rise" bench. With all  the "never before seen" citizens showing up in the shopping center, there is barely even a place to stand. All the regular height benches were either taken or given to senior citizens.

A line of well trained husbands and boyfriends waiting outside the Ladies room, guarding all the precious loot. I am not sure if their puppy at home behaves this well.

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