Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Sketches

Finally there are some nice sunny days and it is time to head out with the watercolor box!

Did this in the shopping mall near by while the water in the fountain kept splashing on my back...(only realized that after sketching for a while...)

Still in the mall, sketching around bunch of old sleepy people on couches. Free air conditioning is hard to resist.

Sitting on the grass while avoiding bird dropping just to my left while being crawled all over by spiders...(bringing my stool next time for sure.)

Sitting in Starbucks sketching another Starbucks across the street. Yeah, they are everywhere...

 Painting rocks on nude beach, believe it or not. There are all kinds of naked guys and gals tanning around the spot, with a boat blasting dance music from few miles away. I am sure those on the boat were either deaf or going to be...

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