Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recent stuff

Update from the location sketchbook. The last is from a life painting session.(obviously...)

Lucked out on the scene. The stormy clouds had just a nice opening allowing the light to come through right on the mountain.(Although it only lasted couple of minutes...)

Had 10% off at a buffet. Ate a whole loads of cakes and other sweets. Painted the view across the river while digesting all the food.(Never should anyone eat that much...)

Sketching with a friend from under the bridge while waiting for the life drawing session to start.

Sitting at Starbucks without ordering anything.(nothing new there...)

A visit to the blue berry farm. Due to the cold winter, the blue berry is very limited this year.

Just another figure study on found wood from construction sites.(And you wonder why they always lock the place... *smile*)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Back to brush and ink

Still have the same ancient bottle of ink to use up. The bottle has lasted way longer than I have ever expected it to. It has been about 8~9 years now, and I am not even half way down the bottle yet. It either means I need to practice using ink more, or it lasts forever. Either way, it is about time I pick it up again. These were done in figure drawing workshop, between 15~20 minutes each. Of course, these were drawn on my trusty Costco acid free paper, the second best art supply store.(The first being ToysRus.)