Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Recent drawing

It is good to finally be drawing on regular drawing paper again. Have been drawing on the cheap printing paper from Costco for a few months now. Found a local supply of Acid Free drawing paper. Although not cheap, but it is affordable for practice.


Megan Wolfe said...

Dude, chuck out that old Costco stuff and stick with the good paper. Then you can go sell your drawings! >:) Or keep them. These are really nice. I would be tempted to keep 'em..

Main Loop said...

Your last few updates have been pretty dang good.. Keep it up

Le_fish said...

Meg - Costco is my new favorite for art supplies.(Right after ToysRus) The paper I was using was actually acid free 8.5x14 photo copier paper which was good except for its weight. Need to be light on water when I paint on it. It comes out to be about 1 cent per page. Can't get any cheaper than that.(Unless you can get them for free.)

You can also get a great set of acid free colored construction paper by Crayola(AKA Sanchez brand) in Costco for $12.00. They come in literally hundreds of sheets in 12x18 and 9x12. Yeah... I know I am cheap. Costco is the new Walgreen for me... until they open Walgreen Canada anyway. *smile*

Loop - After months of my usual die hard workshop attendance, I finally started to run one of the workshop there. Besides not having to pay for the session, I also get to set up the lighting properly.(Thanks god!) It is really a meaning less step, but made painting session far more enjoyable than before.(I must sounded pretty desperate... *laughing*)

Yes, I have been brain washing whole bunch of old re-tired people with the Craig-z teaching in painting. Hopefully I will gather enough voice to change the quality of the local workshop for better.

Chuck Pyle said...

put a copyright on these if you are labelling them, Jim!

Le_fish said...

Chuck - Yeah... I totally forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks god for the portfolio class. Without it, my stuff will never be "somewhat" organized.(It is still a mess, but a better pile mess than the previous one...)