Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A little better lighting...

Well, the famous weed lady have not shown up in the workshop for 3 weeks in a row now. So, I don't have to worry about someone moving the whole model stand half way into the painting.(She had to do some thing to justify her job I guess.) Still have the challenge of painting under 20+ lights under an hour, but at least it is consistent.

What? why am I updating blog 5am in the morning? It is just common sense.

This is some mix media stuff I have been playing with lately. Doesn't really improve the quality, just made the process faster. Took about half of the time, and doubles my usual working size.

Same mix media stuff with a different brush.

This one took the same amount of time as well. No mix media, just limited palette.


Arnie or Ray said...

just take over the workshop. is everyone in canada ripped or something? or do the models at the workshops just take the same stuff that bonds took. your style looks a little different. who have you been looking at?

Le_fish said...

Quite the opposite, mostly old people on Sunday morning. It is actually worse, since you can nothing but being nice.(Just don't feel right punching old people...)

What's different? I have been following the same Huston route after the workshop, and just looking at all those guys with similar concept.(including Bridgman) Maybe I just got better used to the bad reference?