Saturday, November 10, 2007

Loose watercolor

Just happened to notice my watercolor seems looser than I remembered. A quick sketch today on the side of the river before dark.


Anh Lu said...


The water looks great! Really fun and colorful piece. You must be in a good mood. =)

Arnie or Ray said...

come on. i wants the drawings with the disappearing lines. i suck at perspective. at least you're drawing environments.

Chuck Pyle said...

Jim, This is sweet! Authoritative shapes and patterns, wow! BB would be proud.

Le_fish said...

Anh - As the temperature get close to freezing I am looking to adjust my gear and keep my arm from shaking.

Arnie - Disapearing lines? Never seen it before. *smile*

Mr. Pyle - That was my desperate attempt to get something on paper quickly. Forgot to bring my gloves and not wearing a wind proof jacket is definitely a bad idea, especially in November.