Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Recent studies...

No sure what the hell I am painting these days . I am slowly convincing some of the seniors to read the Craig Nelson painting book while finding techniques to deal with the 20 light situation. To my amazement, there is no copy of Craig's book in town at the moment.(with the library on strike) Hopefully I will convince enough people to do something about the lighting before I ran out of interest in this challenge.

The model was a good looking muscular young guy. While the old ladies were busy getting high, I decided to give him some leather armor. No sure why I am attracted to the cheap watercolor. Guess that's the bi-product of hanging around Mr. Sanchez.

An attempt on painting a white women with plenty of hair.

With the high price of paper due to the strong Canadian dollar, I end up using the brown crappy paper from Office Depot. Amazingly, the price only break even with the Sketch paper from Utrecht, considering paper were made in Canada. Anyway, the big down side is the paper does not take dry mediums well. Time to bring out the brush and ink.


Anh Lu said...

Nice studies... I like the second image, she's got a cool pose. =)

I just gave Bill a set of cheap watercolors hehe!

Le_fish said...

Anh - The pose actually looks pretty scary in real life... We had a "no show" that day, so someone had to step up and take the pose.

Konstantin Pogorelov said...

Wow NICE brush sketch, thats really something else... The color ones I think the composition could be more dynamic.